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  • Pressure piling up on 'worst' F1 driver Stroll
  • Apr.22 (GMM) The pressure is piling on the shoulders of Lance Stroll. Daniel Ricciardo, struggling to hang onto his Formula 1 career, lost control of his tongue in Shanghai when talking to reporters about being rear-ended by Stroll's Aston Martin behind the safety car. "I slowly started to calm down and then I was told what Lance thinks of it," the Australian said. "Apparently, I'm an idio...full article
  • 2025 F1 'silly season' nearing boiling point
  • Apr.22 (GMM) Christian Horner has slammed his Mercedes counterpart Toto Wolff's intensifying push to woo Max Verstappen away from Red Bull for 2025 and beyond. The 'silly season' is reaching an early boiling point at present, largely because of Lewis Hamilton's shock Ferrari move opening up his Mercedes race seat. That's making Carlos Sainz, set to lose his seat at Maranello, a key player -...full article
  • F1 considers another points system overhaul
  • Apr.22 (GMM) Formula 1 is on the cusp of what would almost certainly be another highly controversial reform. After 2002, at the height of Ferrari's ultra-dominant Michael Schumacher era, F1 expanded the awarding of points for P1 through P6 all the way to P8 as well. By 2010, the top 10 were all scoring points in each grand prix, with an additional point for the fastest race of the lap added...full article

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