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  • F1 planning group launch event for 2018
  • Jun.28 (GMM) F1's owners are planning a group launch event for the 2018 season. That is the claim of Germany's Auto Motor und Sport, reporting that all the teams will reveal their new cars and drivers at the event ahead of winter testing early next year. The report said it is "not clear" if the launch will take place at the Barcelona circuit or elsewhere in the city, but "fans will have fre...full article
  • Force India to become 'Force 1' for 2018 - report
  • Jun.28 (GMM) 'Force 1' has emerged as the front-running candidate as Force India prepares to change its name for 2018. Earlier in June, we reported that the Vijay Mallya-headed outfit was contemplating dropping the reference to India from its name. "The feeling is that with our improved performance, we are able to attract more international sponsors," Mallya said. "(The name) Force India c...full article
  • Paul Ricard could remove Mistral chicane for F1
  • Jun.28 (GMM) Paul Ricard could be set to reinstate the entire length of the famous Mistral straight for next year's French GP return. Last year, as it emerged that the circuit will host the first French grand prix for a decade in 2018, reports said a chicane would in fact divide the two halves of the famous Mistral straight. But France's L'Equipe says that decision could now be up for revie...full article

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