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  • FIA to scrap complex 'MGU-H' for 2025
  • May 26 (GMM) F1's governing FIA is preparing to scrap the 'MGU-H' element of the current engine formula for 2025. The news was broken by Spanish correspondent Albert Fabrega, who says the 'motor generator unit - heat' is ground-breaking technology that has obvious weaknesses in F1. For instance, he says the technology is expensive, complex, exacerbates the gaps on the grid and is a disincen...full article
  • Rosberg achievements 'not appreciated' - Kovalainen
  • May 26 (GMM) The extent of Nico Rosberg's career achievements in Formula 1 is not fully appreciated. That is the view of Heikki Kovalainen, a former F1 driver who - like Rosberg - was once paired inside a team with Lewis Hamilton. "Formula 1 is mentally and physically gruelling enough without having such a virtuoso as your teammate," he told the Finnish broadcaster MTV. "Of the drivers w...full article
  • Binotto tasked with 'difficult situation' - Piero Ferrari
  • May 26 (GMM) Mattia Binotto will be tasked with a "difficult and unusual situation" once the racing kicks off in 2020. That is the view of Piero Ferrari, the son of founder Enzo Ferrari who is also the fabled Italian marque's vice president and co-owner. And he is not just referring to the corona crisis. "First of all, I hope that the engines will be started in July in Austria," Ferrari ...full article

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